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An Evening of History and Passion

On January 22, 2002
at 7:30 p.m.
in the Auditorium of the National Library

Paul Francis

will speak on

Three Themes, Three Reigns and
Three Personalities

Mr. Francis is a well-known Ottawa lawyer with a passionate interest in history. He will share with us his exploration of Russian history of the eighteenth century and the lives of three tsars:

Peter the Great (reigned from 1682-1725)
Elizabeth (reigned from 1740-1762)
Catherine the Great (reigned from 1763-1796)

The three themes are foreign policy and territorial expansion
Westernization and modernization
Serfdom and autocracy

Mr. Francis' presentation will be followed by the screening of a 54-minute video

"Catherine the Great - A Lust for Art"

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Sponsored by the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage

Admission: $6 for the general public
$5 for Friends of the National Library
Free admission for Canadian Friends of the Hermitage

For additional information call (613) 236-1116
or send an e-mail to friends@hermitagemuseum.ca


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