Original Tour Description

Cultural Capitals of Russia

September 2003 - 13 days

Join the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage, on our fourth annual escorted tour to Russia, exploring these two majestic capitals and historic Sergei Posad, the Golden Ring center of Orthodoxy. Be royally treated on a journey with many enhancements and particularly - HERMITAGE MONDAY - a full day private guided tour of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg when closed to the public - a unique privilege for Canadian Friends of the Hermitage.

Splendid beyond imagination, the artistic treasures of Russia range from marvelous art-filled museums to gilded palaces adorned with exquisite furnishings of the royal and noble families. Sparkling fountains adorn the parks surrounding many of these architectural gems, now treasured by the Russian people who have beautifully restored their magnificent buildings for all to enjoy.

Moscow, now a revitalized capital, will surprise you with its riches. The once mysterious Kremlin holds the breathtaking Diamond Fund which includes the enormous Orlov Diamond given to Catherine the Great by her lover Count Orlov. Ancient Russian history is shown in the Cathedrals and the Armory holds royal treasures, among them an astounding collection of Faberge eggs. Red Square - colorful St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Tomb and GUM for shopping! Famed Gauguins, Cézannes, and Picassos hang amongst the large collections of Impressionist to Modern Art in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The Tretyakov Gallery shelters some of Russia's most precious icons and holds a rich array of works from ancient to modern times.

St. Petersburg, celebrating its 300th Anniversary, sparkles with Imperial splendor from the gilded palaces set in grand parks to the baroque Winter Palace, now the Hermitage Museum. Unmatched collections of European Art, and the decorative arts dazzle the eyes in the Golden Treasury and Diamond Rooms. From the Marble Palace to the many churches, we explore new places from the incredible choice of palaces and enjoy the truly delectable Russian cuisine. Your membership gives you great discounts in the fabulous Museum shops of the Hermitage and one can contact home from the Hermitage Internet Café!

Moscow and St. Petersburg with their extensive musical heritage offer a wide range of optional evening entertainment - from ballet or symphony concerts in famous venues to the circus!


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Tour Photos & Stories

There's a story about the tour on page 5 of the November 2003 Bulletin.

Here are some photos, thanks to Hazel and Donald Mackenzie, click on them for a larger version:

Our Moscow Guide

Presentation in Moscow

Moscow Restaurant Lunch

Moscow Restaurant Another Happy Group

Happy Group Shot - Large

Happy Group Shot

Tatiana Our Happy Guide in St. Petersburg

Presentation to Doris from Svetlana at The Hermitage

St. Petersburg Back of Constance's Head and Hermitage Building

Tatiana and Group in Guilded Room - Large

Tatiana and Group in Guilded Room

Tatiana's Presentation

Tatiana Coping with Wintery Blast on Boat Trip

St. Petersburg Tsarskoye Selo Tree Trimmer Shaking Hands with Marc - Large

St. Petersburg Tsarskoye Selo Tree Trimmer Shaking Hands with Marc

St. Petersburg Tsarskoye Selo Sleeping West Side Cherub - Large

St. Petersburg Tsarskoye Selo Sleeping West Side Cherub

Cameron Gallery - Large

Cameron Gallery

Ballroom Catherine Palace - Large

Ballroom Catherine Palace

Summer Palace of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg - Large

Russian State Museum, formerly the Mikhailovsky Palace, St. Petersburg - Large

Chesma Church, St. Petersburg - Large

Alexander Palace - last home of Nicholas II and Alexandria, St. Petersburg - Large

Pavlosk - Palace of Paul I, St. Petersburg - Large

Palace Church at Peterhof, St. Petersburg - Large

Menshikov Palace, St. Petersburg - Large

Entrance Gate to Sergiev Posad (Monastery complex), Moscow - Large

Metropol Hotel, Moscow - Large