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Academic Outreach Fund

The Canadian Friends of the Hermitage (CFH) is dedicated to the enrichment of Canadians through its cultural and educational programs related to The State Hermitage Museum in Russia, custodian of some of the world's greatest works of art.

As part of its mission, the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage work towards disseminating and sharing knowledge between Canadian cultural institutions and The State Hermitage Museum by strengthening partnerships between Canadian institutions and The State Hermitage Museum.

The CFH are pleased to offer one bursary valued at up to a maximum of $4,000 to a Canadian recipient for travel to the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, or to a staff member of the State Hermitage Museum to travel to a Canadian museum, college or university for study or teaching.


The objective of the bursary is to support interchange between Canadian universities, colleges and art museums, and The State Hermitage Museum.

The CFH have identified the following areas that are of interest to the advancement of Canadian academic and museum communities that fall within the parameters of the Fund:

The CFH are prepared to consider variations or alternative proposals that fit within the above areas. Applicants are requested to put forward their proposals for evaluation by a special CFH panel.

The State Hermitage Museum sets its own criteria for its staff members who wish to respond to this Call for Proposals.


The bursary is targeted at:

  1. Students at the post-graduate level;
  2. Museum professionals, regardless of their employment status, for the acquisition and upgrading of new skills;
  3. Specialists in museum-related fields

Young professionals are encouraged to apply.

Employees of Provincial Governments and the Government of Canada are not eligible whether they are indeterminate, determinate or on contract, whether they are employed by the Department of Canadian Heritage or in other government departments or arm's length Crown Corporations.

All proposals will need approval by The State Hermitage Museum before being accepted.

Terms of Bursary


Proposals will be assessed by a special CFH panel and will be evaluated on the:

Proposal Submission Requirements

  1. Project plan
    1. Purpose and description of project - questions to be explored
    2. Full details of methodology - design, data collection, analysis, work plan and timetable
    3. Budget, including travel forecast
  2. Résumé with two references.
  3. A letter of interest from the department head or person responsible at the Hermitage (in the case of Canadian applicants) who will be working with the applicant, indicating a willingness to act as host, or a letter of interest from the Canadian host institution, in case of applicants from the Hermitage Museum.

Funding Levels

The maximum amount awarded in 2003 is $4,000 from the CFH Academic Outreach Fund.

Length of Tenure

The project must be completed within one year of receipt of funds.


Individual researchers will retain copyright of their work. Any publication of the research/project funded or partially funded by the Academic Outreach Fund must include an acknowledgement of the CFH and The State Hermitage Museum.

Deadline for Proposal Submission

The CFH must receive project proposals by June 30, 2003.

Completed submissions should be sent to:

Academic Outreach Fund
Canadian Friends of the Hermitage
280 Metcalfe Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, ON K2P 1R7

For more information, contact Doris M. Smith, President, Canadian Friends of the Hermitage at 1-866-380-6945 or (613)236-1116 or by e-mail at friends@hermitagemuseum.ca.

The Academic Outreach Fund acknowledges the generous donations received from individual members of the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage


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