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About the Canadian Friends of the Hermitage

The Foundation approved the creation of its volunteer branch, The Canadian Friends of the Hermitage early in the year 2000. "The Friends" is a nonprofit, volunteer organization operating under the charitable registration of the Foundation. We are dedicated to the enrichment of Canadians through its cultural, educational and exhibition exchange programs, and to the preservation of the world-renowned collections of art in the Hermitage Museum.

Friends have established chapters in Ottawa and Toronto to serve their local members. Additional chapters will be established in other cities when the numbers warrant.

Friends' Programs

Lecture SeriesLectures and film presentations are held across Canada focusing on the collections of the Hermitage.
Tours and TravelExclusive tours of the Hermitage collections guided by their curators. The acclaimed trips to St. Petersburg include special guided tours of art galleries and palaces in and around the city. Other European cities are included. Tours are also arranged to Hermitage exhibitions in Canada and abroad.
Special EventsCultural and social events with a focus on the visual arts, history, architecture, music and fine food. These events are open to the public.
Educational ProgramsThe Friends collaborate with educational institutions in providing instructional material chronicling the history of the Hermitage and its collections.


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